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University Library

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn


Loans: basic information


Books can be borrowed from:

  • the Teaching Collection in which they are available in open access – for 150 days (textbooks) and for 30 days (fiction);
  • the Storeroom – for 14 or 30 days; such books are ordered via online catalogue and collected at the Main Lending Desk;  
  • from the subject collections; these are the so called short-term borrowings („overnight” and „weekend”). The user can borrow up to five books at a one-off basis. The short-term borrowing is possible not earlier than an hour before the closing time and the due date elapses after the first opening hour the next day;
  • in the divisions of the Library according to the internal sets of rules.


Borrowing limits:

  • students: max. 10 books in total (from the Main Lending Desk and Teaching Collection); the number of titles (not volumes) is counted.
  • final year students and students of two faculties: 20 books.
  • employees and PhD student of UWM: 20 books,
  • other entitled persons (for instance retired UWM employees): 5 books for 30 days.



The fine for overdue books from the Storeroom and Teaching Collection is 0.20 PLN per item per day. In the case of short-term borrowing, the fine is 5 PLN per item per day.
The fines are to be paid at the Main Lending Desk. Instead of paying, the user may buy a book (with a comparable value) indicated by a librarian.
Students are obliged to settle their accounts in the Library. At the end of the academic year they receive a clearance slip in the student’s book in the Teaching Collection or at the Main Lending Desk.  


Loans from the Storeroom

Books can be borrowed from the Storeroom after placing an order. To this end, the user searches for a given title in the online catalogue of the Library, logs in and place the order.
Ordered books are collected at the Main Lending Desk within one week (for full-time students) and within 3 weeks (part-time students and UWM employees). 
The completion of orders is as follows:

by 8.30am – will be ready for collection after 9.00am
8.30am-9.30am – collection after 10.00am
9.30am-10.30am – collection after 11.00am
10.30am-11.30pm - collection after 12.00pm
11.30am-12.30pm – collection after 1.00pm
12.30pm-1.30pm - collection after 2.00pm
1.30pm-2.30pm – collection after 3.00pm
2.30pm-3.30pm - collection after 4.00pm
3.30pm-4.30pm – collection after 5.00pm
4.30pm-5.30pm - collection after 6.00pm
5.30pm-6.30pm – collection after 7.00pm
after 6.30pm - will be ready for collection the next day after 9.00am

The user can use the self-renewal option for the first time he/she renews a given item. The renewal has to be carried out before the due date. The user can only renew books that have not been reserved by another user. After the first renewal, book can only be renewed by a librarian at the Main Lending Desk or in the Teaching Collection.
All older items that are not registered in the computer catalogue should be looked up in card catalogues. Orders for publications registered in the card catalogue should be submitted on an order slip or on a piece of paper. The order has to include the following details:
- library card number = student card number and the name of the user;
- the name of the author and the title of the book;
- the catalogue number of the book (a combination of digits/digits and letters located in the top right corner of the catalogue card).
The orders need to be submitted at the Main Lending Desk, where books can be collected after 3 days.  


Loans from the Teaching Collection 

The user searches for and selects by himself/herself books that he/she wishes to borrow.
Books are arranged by subjects. The classification into a specific section is determined by the content/topic of a book.

- from 0 to 3 (white labels with yellow band) – social sciences
- from 5 to 6 (white labels with green band) – natural and technical sciences
- from 7 to 9 (white labels with blue band) – humanities and fiction.

The user may register a borrowing by himself/herself using a self-check according to the limit (i.e. 10 or 20 titles). In the case of a higher number of items (eg. titles in several volumes), this fact should be reported to a librarian.


Using the resources on site – open access

A major part of the collections is available in open access, which means that the user:

  • has got free access to collections,
  • looks up demanded items on a bookcase or in the catalogue
  • puts back materials on a cart or gives them back to a librarian
  • is obliged to have materials that he/she wishes to carry outside the collection (yet within the Library) recorded on his/her library account.

Books that can be used only on site are denoted as „Open access” or „On site” in the computer catalogue.
All books available in open access are registered in the computer catalogue with information on their location. In order to find a book on a bookcase, the symbol of a section should be looked up.
On bookcases, within specific sections books are arranged in the alphabetical order.
Books that can be used on site are located in the following collections:

- Collection in Social Sciences (Yellow) – publications in journalism, philosophy, theology, sociology, economical sciences, law and administration, pedagogy, advertising, etc.
- Section for the European Documentation Centre – publications related to the European Union.
- Collection in Natural and Technical Sciences (Green) – publications in mathematics, computer sciences, geodesy, biology, zoology, medicine, veterinary medicine, technical sciences, agricultural sciences, food technology, organization and administration, accounting, architecture, planning, landscaping, geography, etc.
- Collection in Humanities (Blue) – publications in arts, painting, film, theatre, sport, tourism, literature, history, linguistics, archeology, military science, biographies, etc.
- Information and Periodical Reading Room – information publication, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.
- Department of Special Collections – collections published before 1945, books in library sciences, general and subject bibliographies, publications related to Warmia and Mazury.