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University Library

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Library card

Library card / electronic student card allows for:

  • accessing the collections in the Library: open access and loans
  • using e-resources of the Library from any location: within the Library, in the UWM network and from computers at home
  • ordering books and periodicals via online catalogue.


Types of library card 

  • UWM students and PhD students – the electronic student card functions as the library card. Student cards are issued by faculty offices.
    LOGIN (ID) – PESEL number
    PASSWORD – barcode
  • UWM employees – To have the library card issued, users shall go to the Main Lending Desk with a photo for scanning (also in an electronic format), their ID card and a document confirming their status as the UWM employee. The charge for issuing the card is 10.00 PLN.

Currently, there are three valid types of library cards:
- blue and white card with a photo:
LOGIN (ID) – card number
PASSWORD – card number without first 4 figures plus the initials of name and surname (eg. P12345JK)
- card without photo:
LOGIN (ID) – card number
PASSWORD – numerical equivalent of the barcode on the back of the card or repeated card number (if there is not any barcode at the back of the card).
- UWM employee card – functions as a library card after activation/recording by a librarian.
LOGIN (ID) – number of the employee file featured on the card
PASSWORD - barcode

  • People who are neither students nor employees of the University can use the collections of the Library only on site, which is possible with a temporary library card. A temporary library card is issued at the Main Lending Desk (an ID is needed). Another way to obtain the card is to fill in a registry form in the ONLINE CATALOGUE. Registration has to be verified by the Main Lending Desk. The account will be activated at the first visit to the Library. An unverified account only allows for placing an order yet it does not permit borrowing or using e-resources. The user should return the temporary library card to the Main Lending Desk after he or she has finished using the collections.


Remember that...

If the student card has been lost of damage, this fact should be reported in a given faculty office.

Library card/electronic student card shall not be lent or given to any other person.
If the card has been lost or damaged, this fact should be reported at the Main Lending Desk.