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University Library

University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

About the Library

The University Library in Olsztyn is a UWM organisational unit carrying out educational, service and scientific tasks. It also functions as a public science library available to residents of the region and the whole country. The Library is an educational centre of the University and an active culture-creating entity that is friendly to its users.

The Library was set up on 1 September, 1999 by merging two libraries: the Library of Agricultural-Technical Academy (founded in 1951) and the Library of Higher School of Pedagogy (founded in 1974). The collections of the two libraries at the time of merging comprised 797,510 volumes/items altogether, making the University Library the biggest science library in the north-east of Poland.

All employees and students of UWM may also use the collections of the Library of the “Hosianum” Seminary of the Archdiocese of Warmia located in 15 Kardynał Hozjusz Street, where the UWM Faculty of Theology is situated.

In October 2007 a modern Library building located in Kortowo II University campus was opened. The new facility allowed for putting scattered collections together and improved the standard of services provided. The building, which has a space of 19,423 square metres, has an integrated system of managing the network of electronic devices (BMS – known as an “intelligent building”). The Library is equipped with devices for digitalising collections, a vacuum fumigation chamber (for disinfection of library collections and archive files) and an electronic system for securing collections.

The rooms dedicated to educational activities undertaken by the Library are an important component of the library space. They serve to educate students and other users in such subject areas as Library Preparation and information skills. Two rooms fully equipped with audiovisual devices have been dedicated to the purpose, as well as a computer room with 20 computer stands. Apart from the abovementioned rooms, there is a conference room. Another element important for the University students is a group study room and individual work cubicles. On the whole, the UWM University Library situated in the new building offers:

• 720 reading places,

• 400 computer stands,

• 8 individual work cubicles,

• 4 lecture rooms (with 150 seats altogether),

• a conference room with 350 seats.