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University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Interlibrary loans


  • The purpose of interlibrary loans is to provide users with library materials which are not available in the University Library or other libraries in Olsztyn.
  • A library or a user who keep an overdue book/books ordered via interlibrary loaning system loose the right to submit orders and borrow additional items until an overdue item/items are returned and due fines for untimely return are paid. The fine for keeping an overdue book from the collections of the University Library is 0.20 PLN per day. Fines for overdue books delivered from other libraries are calculated according to the rates set by a given entity.
  • The employees of UWM, PhD students and UWM students as well the employees of the Institute of Animal Breeding and Food Research (Polish Academy of Sciences) with a valid library card are entitled to use the interlibrary loan services.
  • Orders submitted by students and PhD students have to be confirmed by a superviser of a master or PhD thesis.
  • Provision of materials via interlibrary loans managed by the University Library is free of charge.
  • The user is required to cover the costs that results from fees indicated by libraries that carry out orders (e.g. costs of making and sending photocopies, costs of collect postages, a cost of international loan according to the rates specified by the National Library or foreign libraries).
  • The user is obliged to check whether a demanded item/demanded items is/are not available in other libraries of UWM library-information system or in other libraries in Olsztyn.
  • The order should include detailed bibliographic data of the item in question, name,  telephone number, library card number and alternatively e-mail address. The order can be submitted by e-mail to bib.wyp.miedzybiblioteczna@uwm.edu.pl, by facsimile at (89) 524-00-05, personally to the room No 11located on the ground floor of the Library or via computer catalogue.
  • The librarian determines the way an order is processed (a number and type of queries received simultaneously from one user, deadline and the way an item/items is/are ordered in cooperating libraries) according to the currently binding rules and arrangements or agreements with individual libraries.
  • The University Library is liable for original materials ordered from other libraries and therefore makes them available only on site, for a period specified by a lending library and according to the rules set by thereof. Copying of ordered materials is allowed only as permitted by the University Library and must be compliant with the currently binding copyrights.
  • Manuscripts, rare prints of exceptional value, current volumes of periodicals, items from hand-held collections and current academic textbooks are not lent to other libraries.