Wireless access (Eduroam network)

  • The wireless network can be used by UWM students and employees.
  • After setting up the operating system of their computer (details available at, users have to log in using the USOSWEB system password.
  • The accounts in the Eduroam network are managed by Ośrodek Eksploatacji i Zarządzania Miejską Siecią Komputerową OLMAN (The Centre for Using and Managing the Municipal Computer Network OLMAN). The University Library IT Department does not set up users’ devices (notebooks, tablets, phones).

Access from the Library workstations

Workstations with the access to the Internet are located in: the Subjects Collections (Yellow, Green, Blue), Reference Department and Periodicals Reading Room, Teaching Collection, in the Main Entrance Hall and on the Entresol.

  • Users with a valid library account and registered in the Cafe Suite programme (Internet access management server) are authorised to use computers and the Internet in the Library premises. These accounts are managed by the Information Desk.
  • Login method:
    • students - first login: login: PESEL (personal ID No.) and password: a bar code on their ID card (change this password to your own while logging in for the first time or resetting the password)
    • UWM employees - just like to the library account (only after individual synchronisation of library and Cafe Suite accounts, i.e. after entering the same passwords in both systems)
    • people external to the UWM - the account is set up by the librarian on duty at the Information Desk or Main Lending Desk (an ID card is required).
  • Users, after logging into the network, can use computers and access the Internet in:
    • Subject Collections - workstations: ZOLTA-XX*, ZIELONA-XX, NIEBIESKA-XX
    • Teaching Collection and the main lobby - workstations: WYPOZYCZALNIA-XX
    • Reference Department and Periodicals Reading Room - workstations: INFORMACJA-XX
    • Entresol - workstations: ANTRESOLA-XX.

               * XX — workstation number

  • Computers labelled as KATALOG-XX are used exclusively for the library catalogue and resources from the domain.
  • All users can log in using computer labelled as intended for the persons with disabilities, including those at which scanners are located. People without special rights are not allowed to use the Abbyy Fine Reader OCR software at the scanners.