We encourage the readers to use the option of library fee payment by means of the electronic payment system Libsmart Payment provided by PayU S.A.

With this service, users can pay fees for books not returned and destroyed, for overdue return of library materials or for paid library services (according to the price list annexed to the Rules and Regulations).


  •  The fees may be paid:
    • in person at the Main Lending Desk (payment at the cash desk confirmed by a receipt from the system or a receipt from the fiscal cash register),
    • Information Desk,
    • by the electronic payment system operated by PayU S.A.
  • Users with a library account with an external rental right and a registered active e-mail address and a bank account with an active online channel are entitled to use the online banking fee service.
  • The services for which the fee can be paid electronically, as well as the amounts due, are displayed in the user’s account in the library system.
  • The access to the fee collection service of the University Library via e-banking is possible after logging in to the reader’s account in the University Library online catalogue. The Library service redirects users to the PayU service where the fee can be paid.
  • The amount to be paid by the service cannot be split into instalments. 
  • After the procedures related to the fee payment have been completed, the user receives a transaction confirmation to the e-mail address registered in the library system. The fees electronically settled by the user are cleared at the moment the transfer is posted by the bank of the transaction service user.
  • If the reader is in possession of items with an overdue return date, the fee generated by the service automatically settles the date for returning the books as the third day after the date of posting the transfer by the user’s bank. It is not possible to change the return date in this mode for short-term loans referred to in § 5.4, or for loans of books for which another user has placed an order in the library system.
  • Any complaints related to the e-banking service should be reported at the Main Lending Desk of the University Library.
  • The University Library is not responsible for technical problems on the site of the PayU transaction service.