Interlibrary Loan System

Interlibrary Loan System is intended to provide users with library materials which are not held by the University Library or other libraries in Olsztyn. The right to use the interlibrary loan system is provided to the university employees, participants of doctoral programmes and students of the University, as well as to the staff of the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, The Stanisław Sakowicz Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn and The Wojciech Kętrzyński Northern Institute in Olsztyn holding a valid library card.

Rules for the use of the interlibrary loan service

  • Orders of students and doctoral candidates should be confirmed by the supervisor of a master’s or doctoral dissertation.
  • The delivery of materials through the interlibrary loan service by the University Library is free of charge.
  • The user bears the costs arising from fees charged by the libraries completing the order (e.g. cost of preparing and sending printouts, cost of downloads, cost of pick up, costs of international loans according to the price list of the National Library or foreign libraries).
  • The user is required to check whether the searched items are available in other libraries of the UWM library-information system or in other Olsztyn libraries.
  • The order shall include a detailed bibliographic description of the item sought, the name, the company phone, the library card number and, as the case may be, the e-mail address of the ordering person. It can be provided via e-mail at, in person in room No. 11 (ground floor) in the University Library or via the online catalogue.
  • The manner in which orders are completed (the number and type of queries taken at the same time from one user, the date and the method of ordering them in cooperating libraries) is determined by the librarian guided by the applicable regulations as well as by agreements or contracts entered into with individual libraries.
  • Since the University Library is responsible for the original materials obtained from other libraries, such materials are available only on-site, for the period specified by the lending library and according to the rules laid down by this library. Materials obtained through interlibrary loans can be copied only with the consent of the University Library, in compliance with the applicable copyright law.
  • Other libraries are not provided with manuscripts, rare and valuable works, current annual volumes of periodicals, items from the reference libraries and current academic textbooks.
  • The library or the user failing to return the books ordered through the interlibrary loan system by due date loses the right to order and borrow further items until the books have been returned and the fees for the delay have been paid. The fee an overdue book from the University Library collection is PLN 0.20 per day. The fees for books acquired from other libraries are charged at the rates applicable in the lending library.