Library training

Introductory library training is compulsory for students in the first year of full-time programmes and must be completed by the end of the first semester. A credit for the Library training course in the USOS system is obtained after passing the test (minimum 60 %). The training materials and the test will be available on the UWM Moodle platform, under the University Library tab - Przysposobienie biblioteczne (Library Training).

To pass the test:   

  •     visit - Biblioteka Uniwersytecka - Library training
  •     log in, select: CAS users (Central Authentication Service UWM); user: PESEL; password: the same like to the USOSWeb,
  •     select: Biblioteka Uniwersytecka - Library training 2023/2024 - Self enrolment (Student) - Enrol me
  •     take the test

The person responsible for English Division students' Library Training:
- Faculty of Medicine - dr inż. Katarzyna Maćkiewicz
- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - mgr inż. Olga Lewandowska.

Rules for crediting the LIBRARY TRAINING course:

Syllabus LIBRARY SKILLS TRAINING uniform tudies = Sylabus przedmiotu PRZYSPOSOBIENIE BIBLIOTECZNE na studiach jednolitych w języku angielskim - Załącznik nr 4 do procedury WSZJK-USOS-BU-1